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Bill Jackson - Director

Bill Jackson






I am a telecommunications entrepreneur with rich experience in voice-over-internet (VoIP) business telephone services. I am on a mission to bring the benefits and versatility of VoIP solutions to even more business customers throughout the UK and beyond.

My business philosophy is to offer a completely risk-free buying experience with impeccable customer service at a competitive price.

We don't do minimum-term contracts. We let customers try before they buy and we have a simple "solve it here and now" attitude when people call us.


Mathew Dale - Director







I am a tech entrepreneur and telecommunication expert with a focus on providing the best solutions for my customers.  I am enthusiastic in partnering my knowledge of IT systems with VoIP communication to get the best resources for our clients so they can grow.

I like to problem solve and accept any challenge our customers come to us with. I am also fanatical about showing resellers and end users that there are savings to be had by switching to VoIP.


We are VIP VoIP. More than just a run-of-the-mill wholesale platform. We have a premium proposition to help you add more value for your customers and to make more money with a very low support overhead.

If you are already supplying VoIP solutions to your customers then we would like the opportunity to put our proposition to the test. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by our pricing, features and support.

If you do not currently supply VoIP solutions then we would like to show you how easy it can be. Our service model is designed to give you a reliable long-term high-margin revenue stream with no risk and low input. Why let someone else sell to your customers?

  • We guarantee reliability. When you sell a system it stays sold.
  • You can apply your own branding and you can define your retail pricing plans.
  • You can either do provisioning and after-sales support yourself or we’ll do all the work on your behalf. It’s your choice.
  • We will help you with pre-sales consultancy.
  • We will build new features and interfaces if you need them.
  • We do not impose minimum term contracts on you or your customers.
  • You can make 100% margins at competitive retail prices.


All we ask for now is a friendly conversation.

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