Partner Opportunities

Partner Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Whether you are an established business owner looking for new services to sell to your customers or an entrepreneur wanting to start a new business, we offer a low-risk opportunity to earn sustainable long-term profit with our unique telecoms service proposition.

We give you the means to sell profitable high quality, telephone services to your customers at competitive prices. You make money from the initial sale of equipment and installation services and, more importantly, you earn money every month from your customers’ continuing service charges. Your customers will stay loyal because they like the service and because they appreciate the benefits it brings them. Our customer retention rate is over 98% and we do not need to trap customers into long-term contracts.

VoIP telephony is a fast growing market. Hosted VoIP is rapidly replacing traditional fixed-line PBX systems as customers catch on to the cost savings and greater versatility. Yes - there is competition but most of the big players have come from the traditional world of telecoms with the same old disrespect for customers. We are slowly eating their lunch.

Working with us easy and low-risk. You do not need any specialist technical skills, you do not need any special equipment and you do not need to keep any stock. You only have to know how to sell.

Choice from our partner options below to find the right option for you to develop your business.

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VoIP Partner Programmes


The easiest way to partner with us. You sell our service and we pay you commission. You do not have to do any technical work –just promote the service, price up deals and take customers’ orders. We do everything else.

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VoIP Reseller

You own your customer relationships, you pay for our services at trade prices and package them up for your customers at whatever price you like and you can even set your own call charges. We provision new systems & provide after-sales technical support.

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Autonomous Solution Provider (ASP)

Similar to being a Reseller but you own the full customer relationship lifecycle. In return you get lower wholesale prices and the option to sell with your own branding.

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Software Partners

Our features focus on providing the best quality service for all our customers no matter how large or small. We have the knowledge and the technology to provide our clients with exactly what they need. Find out what we can do for you.

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