We Provide...

...Wholesale cloud phone systems. VIP VoIP is a business telephone switchboard system that uses VoIP technology to make and receive calls. The switchboard system is hosted in the cloud. The customer only needs to buy or rent a set of new VoIP telephones. No other equipment is needed. The switchboard software provides a full suite of business class call handling features that will meet any customer’s requirements whatever their business size or situation. Find out more about why you should choose our company

You provide....

...the services and products directly to your customer. You do not need any specialist technical skills, you do not need any special equipment and you do not need to keep any stock. You only have to know how to sell. Read more about partner opportunities

You make money....

... from the initial sale of equipment and installation services and, more importantly, you earn money every month from your customers’ continuing service charges. Whether you are an established business owner looking for new services to sell to your customers or an entrepreneur wanting to start a new business, we offer a low-risk opportunity to earn sustainable long-term profit with our unique telecoms service proposition.

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Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson

I am a telecommunications entrepreneur with rich experience in voice-over-internet (VoIP) business telephone services. I am on a mission to bring the benefits and versatility of VoIP solutions to even more business customers throughout the UK and beyond.

My business philosophy is to offer a completely risk-free buying experience with impeccable customer service at a competitive price.

We don't do minimum-term contracts. We let customers try before they buy and we have a simple "solve it here and now" attitude when people call us.

Mathew Dale

I am a tech entrepreneur and telecommunication expert with a focus on providing the best solutions for my customers.  I am enthusiastic in partnering my knowledge of IT systems with VoIP communication to get the best resources for our clients so they can grow.

I like to problem solve and accept any challenge our customers come to us with. I am also fanatical about showing resellers and end users that there are savings to be had by switching to VoIP.


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