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Become VoIP Reseller

We have the best voip reseller program. Take advantage of our competitive rates, high margins and amazing 24 hours support, by becoming a VoIP reseller today. We are looking for innovative IT companies that want to grow their offering in telecoms with our easy VoIP packages, giving your clients exactly what they need. We've structured our service to make reselling our hosted VoIP telephony service as easy as possible so you can offer the most to customers far and wide.

As a Reseller, you own your customer relationships. You pay for our services at trade prices and package them up for your customers at whatever prices you like. You can even set your own call charges. You invoice your customers and you collect payment. We provision new systems for your customers and we provide after-sales technical support.

How do the partnership options compare?

Become a DealerBecome a ResellerBecome an ASP
How do you make money?Earn commission and revenue shareEarn margin between selling price and wholesale price. Earn margin between selling price and wholesale price.
Who owns the customer?VIP VoIP ResellerASP
How are services branded?Dealer sells the VIP VoIP brandReseller sells the VIP VoIP brandASP can use their own branding
Who consults with the customer for discovery of requirements?Dealer ResellerASP
Who sets the selling price?VIP VoIPResellerASP
Who captures the customer order?DealerResellerASP
Who provisions the system?VIP VoIP VIP VoIP ASP
Who supplies telephones and other equipment to the customer?VIP VoIP Reseller buys phones from VIP VoIP and buys other equipment from wherever they wish.ASP buys all the equipment needed from their preferred suppliers.
Who provides after-sales support?VIP VoIP VIP VoIPASP
How does customer invoicing work?VIP VoIP generates invoices directly to the customer.Partner is responsible for invoicing customers. There are two invoicing options:
1. VIP VoIP supplies billing data to the partner’s own system
2. Partner subscribes to VIP VoIP billing software

Note - With bundled packages, Resellers & ASPs The partner owns the contract with their customer and the partner makes the same contractual commitment to VIP VoIP as their customers do to them. For example: on a 24-month contract the partner must pay VIP VoIP for the full 24 months of wholesale service charges even their customer defaults on the contract. This does not apply to Dealers because the customer is in contract with VIP VoIP directly.

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